About us

It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to draw your attention to the activity of our company in the international transport sector, and to this purpose we wish to give you a brief resume of our capabilities, which we hope will be interest to you.

Allseas Global was established in 2010 in INDIA as a complete service-provider towards local companies being involved in shipping, logistics & transport. The founding of our company was a result of the desire to service the INDIAN market and provide a better and faster service towards our customers

However the philosophy remained the same as from day I where we still strongly believe in our distinctive capabilities, providing an all-round service to our clients, based on being an effective and efficient team, working on a personal basis with our esteemed customers. Traditionally Allseas Global has always offered the full range of logistic services since past years. Both import and export services in combination with customs clearances, trucking, barging and transshipments for all types of cargo’s are offered.

Vision & Mission

We maintain proactive communication with our customers and encourage feedback. We welcome individuals of free thought, speech and action in our organization and encourage diversity of views.Our most valuable asset is our Employees : Handling is a critical part of the transportation value chain. Allseas Global's policy is to select the best possible handling partner at each destination. Our handling partners follow system-wide quality procedures to ensure a reliable cargo flow.

  • VISION : To make your operation a success
  • MISSION :To remain the most trusted freight forwarder & logistics leader in the industry globally Three distinct characteristics of Allseas Global Logistics apart from others in the industry - Trust, Experience and Execution
    • TRUST : Allseas Global’s reputation is based on our unrelenting commitment to honesty and integrity. We only partner with customers in which our proven capabilities are a perfect fit. Our “brutally honest” style is our hallmark -- only promising what we can and will deliver. As a result, we view our outstanding reputation as one of our greatest assets.
    • EXPERIENCE : Allseas Global has the experience to get the job done. We have built our reputation on hiring and retaining the best logistics engineers, technology professionals, documentation & operations staff in the industry. The seasoned management team at Allseas Global pioneered much of the dedicated and delivery business currently operated by some of the biggest companies in the forwarding industry.
    • EXECUTION : There is no such thing as a standard distribution operation these days. Each customer we partner with has a unique environment with specific operational requirements. Allseas Global has developed a refined approach to project management that ensures a successful implementation each and every time.

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